Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Lake Chapala Ballroom!

James and I are getting a Waltz routine ready for the Chili Cook Off.

Wait...The Chili Cook Off? Didn't we just dance at that?
We did, one year ago! In fact, we had a gala on New Year's Eve to celebrate Lake Chapala Ballroom's first Birthday...exactly one year ago we had our Grand Opening on New Years Day.
 What a lot of fun we've had this year!We've had Belly Dance classes, Tai Chi, Salsa, Dancefit, Jazzercise, and lessons in Swing, Waltz, Fotxtrot,  and Tango as well as an enormously popular Salsa for Fitness afternoon class. LCB students were even featured in a movie!

Life sometimes gets in the way of our goals, though. As much as we got accomplished, there's so much that I'd like to see happen to bring more dancing into our community. Some of the activities I plan to bring to the ballroom are;
1. Group Lessons in Ballroom Dancing
2. Dance "clubs" that can meet and enjoy live music around the village.
3. More fitness classes inspired by social dance rythms.
4. Dance Practice Parties for students to try out their new skills.
                                                               Sometimes, though, life gets in our way. I've had some bumps in the health road that have prevented me from being able to accurately predict when classes will be scheduled beyond 
"Coming Soon!" I'd love to get my pet project, West Coast Swing classes, started, but I just have to wait until my stamina is a little more dependable. I'm sure many  of you can empathize. They are coming soon, though, I promise.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Here are some of the local glitterati at the recent movie premiere that featured LCB dancers. I think you can pick me out (ahem)

Sad to see Leti go!

Leti, who was one of the first teachers to bring her jazzercise class to Lake Chapala Ballroom, has moved on. We wish her well in her new consulting business, and know that her jazzercise students will find plenty to keep them busy with James Dancefit Classes on Monday and Wednesday at 10:00, and Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30. He'll be keeping the 10:00 oclock class at least through September, so if you've been putting off starting your fitness program, now's the time to do it!

 James and I have both been busy outside the ballroom. We hosted and judged a dance contest at a wonderful party Friday night. One or both of us is always happy to come out and provide an activity for your party. If you're tired of the same old thing, have your friends over for a Tango Lesson, or Salsa Dance. They always enjoy themselves, believe me.

 We have space available to exercise teachers who are looking for a home for their classes in Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or other forms. As the Season gets closer Lake Chapala Ballroom will be the headquarters for all thing dance, so it's a great way to ride the wave of publicity.
 Speaking of seasons, it's almost Thriller time! Every year, I teach anyone who wants to learn the choreography for Michael Jacksons Thriller, and we all (last year we were up to 130!) dance it at the same time as other people all over the globe. It's fun and easy, and we raise money for the Red Cross. Please join us at the first rehearsal, September 13, 1:00 at Lake Chapala Ballroom!

 New private students are signing up every week, many of them single men! Soon I hope we'll have a balanced enough group of men and women for group classes that will be fun and rewarding for everybody. Look for West Coast Swing to start up first, and then Salsa /Cumbia. It may be after Thriller, so you don't have to hurry up and find a partner just yet

. I'm looking forward to seeing you all out on the dance floor! Dance Coach Elliott

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm in trouble with James, as usual! He can't be blamed, he's been trying to get me to update this site since the end of June, when we had some significant schedule changes. I have no excuse, I've been traveling and taking classes all over the States, it seems, the better to torture our students once we get back in the swing of things. That includes a week in Las Vegas that was completely dedicated to ballroom dancing...I spent the time with some of the best teachers in the business today, picking their brains and updating my knowledge base. Now, before I forget...again! Let me tell you that Let's popular Jazzercise program has a new start time of 9:00 a.m., changed from 8:30.
As you can see, Lety is offering some great specials! In addition, James has added two 10:00 DanceFIT classes on Monday and Wednesday, along with his super popular Tuesday and Thursday DanceFIT Retro classes at 8:30 a.m. If you've never tried one of his classes, get over to Lake Chapala Ballroom! you will be amazed at how fast the time flies dancing to his private label music selections. I'll be back in August, and we have some terrific camasses planned for the Fall. thriller, of course, but also West Coast Swing, Ballroom, and coming soon, a wonderful ballroom/fitness program whose creator, Todd Borzych, I had the pleasure of dancing with in Virginia.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me, but I want to get you all updated....more to come!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Summer Schedule in Effect at Lake Chapala Ballroom

I heard the first rainbirds yesterday! They let us know that the rain will come in six weeks, but I've been feeling drops every afternoon this week. James is in Buffalo for the whole month (!) looking after his interests up there. I will be taking over his Tuesday and Thursday morning DanceFIT classes. Mine are so retro that I don't even call it that, as some of my music is from the fabulous Latin era of the 40's and 50's. If you've been telling yourself you're going to try it out all year long, now is truly the time. The crowds have gone back home after the Easter Break, and the vibe in the Ballroom is laid back and fun. In fact, because it's been so hot, group classes in the afternoon have been suspended until late summer, when the first cycle of Ballroom Group classes is slated to begin. There's a huge amount of interest in that, so watch your inboxes for announcements We thank the community for the tremendous support for our first season. Don't forget, there are fun fitness classes every morning (see the calendar for deets) and if you're interested in private Ballroom lessons, I'm teaching every day. See you on the Dance Floor!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bye Bye Snowbirds.

Our friend Norm Tihor sent us these..doesn't the Chili Cook Off seem like a long time ago? I notice in DanceFIT that our Snowbirds are already getting ready to wing it back to their Northern homes. Hopefully, by now they'll be safe from this long, strange, winter! As we come to the end of our first winter, I'm happy to be able to report that Lake Chapala Ballroom is thriving. The SalsaFIT class has moved to what looks like is going to be a permanent home on Monday and Wednesday at 5, and we have a lot of exciting activities planned for the "low season." Jazzercise has inaugurated the ballroom as a meeting space by renting it last weekend for an Instructors Conference. Represented were Guadalajara, CancĂșn, Hermosillo, and Argentina! The Ballroom is an excellent choice for workshops and seminars, so if you're planning that type of event, give us a call.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The LCB Beat Goes ON! Onstage, That Is.

  We had so much fun at the Chili Cook Off last weekend! The weather was gorgeous all weekend, and the Lake Chapala Ballroom booth was perfectly situated between the stage and the chili.I don't know who James paid off for that position, but we had a great time hanging out all weekend long.

It turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to spread the word to the community about all the activities at Lake Chapala Ballroom. On Saturday afternoon, all the instructors and representatives from their classes got on stage and showed the world what we're up to at LCB. (Thank you dancers- You were amazing!)  It was such a crowd pleaser that  LCB was voted the "BEST ENTERTAINMENT" at the Chili Cook Off and asked to return to the stage throughout the weekend.    
To celebrate, James is having a Special Promotion for DANCEFIT.  If you bring a friend to any of his classes at LCB  (Monday and Wednesday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday mornings: see the calendar) during  the week of March 3rd - 6th and if either of you purchase a 10 CLASS PASS you will both get that class FREE.
 email James at lcdancefit@outlook.com if you have any questions.

New Classes for March!
  Lety's Jazzercise is so popular that she's adding two classes in the afternoon, on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30.

  My SalsaFIT is also turning out to be a crowd pleaser (blush) I'm developing a class format that is definitely exercise, but focuses heavily on the techniques that will make you a great latin dancer. It is a partner free format, and we'll be moving to Monday and Wednesday at 5:00 in March.

  Also in our PM offerings, James NRG class at Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 will work you out from head to toe while you dance your booty off with his amazing music selections.