Friday, April 3, 2015

The Lights are On at Lake Chapala Ballroom!

And the fans are whirring away. It's been hot, hasn't it? But I promise, when the fans get cranked up, the ballroom is perfectly cool, no matter what hour your class may be.
    At the moment, the Dancefit classes are on hiatus. James has had a trip planned for a long time, and as usual, just when I need to be filling in for him, I have a health situation that needs immediate attention. So we're very lucky that Ricardo has joined us!
Ricardo flirting with dance partner Edie, after performing a number in the Lip Synch show.
He will be continuing his very popular Latin classes (see calendar) on Tues/Wed/and Fri at 4:00. Ricardo is also available for private classes in cumbia, salsa, slow latin, and rock 'n roll. Email Ricardo for information on his schedule

     James and I will see you in May, so keep on dancing!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Giant Success for Lake Chapala Ballroom at the Chili Cook Off!

We had such a lot of fun , and so many people signed up for future information about classes and new programs that we have in the planning stages.

LCB presented a program on both days that proved to be popular with the could tell, because they joined in and danced with us! on Saturday, James and I started with a traditional waltz to Anne Murray's Vaya Con Dios.   

Vaya Con Dios was a popular choice with the audience!

LCB chillaxin after the Dancefit portion of the program. Ricardo Reyes has joined us recently and his
showcases were a great hit. First he "shared" partner Ginger with another Salsa dancer.
Lucky Ginger!

As if that wasn't enough, on Sunday Ricardo brought Edith to the stage for another Latin showstopper!
Ricardo and Edith dance a smokin salsa.

Both days,the program ended with a big Dancefit demonstration led by James, and the crowd participated with enthusiasm.

It was so much fun this year, and we made friends with lots of new people interested in Dancing in Ajijic and Chapala. James and I are working on new classes and programs to roll out after  we meet our annual travel obligations, so keep checking in for new announcements. See you in the Ballroom!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Woot Woot! Lake Chapala Ballroom and Dancefit invited to Perform at Cook Off!

Hola All-
In case you have not heard, Lake Chapala Ballroom was asked to return to the stage of the Chili Cook-off on Saturday and Sunday February 28th/March 1st  this year after the LCB crowd pleasing performance last year.  
LCB will be present all weekend with a booth (#10 on the eastside from entrance/also on the cook-off map available at the gate), and performances on stage at 2:15 Saturday and Sunday.  
  you can check here for more info
Elliott and I would like to invite all the Dancefit classes (and their friends/families) to join us on stage or in the audience.  We will be doing an Electric Slide as warm up (Jackson 5 - Can You Feel It), then a Dancefit mini workout  - follow the leader -  very low impact and light work out (Beatle's Stars on 45).   Our intention is to have an audience participation group work out.  Total work out time is 15 minutes.  PLEASE SAY YOU WILL join us - either day if you can make it or both.  ALL ARE WELCOME to participate, those that joined us last year really put on a great performance to the cheering crowds.   PLEASE BE AT THE STAGE DOOR AT 2:00PM
Elliott (Ballroom Dance Instructor) and myself (Student of Dance) will open the LCB performance with the Waltz.  Ricardo (Latin Dance Instructor) will also be performing with some students performing various Latin movements .     
Please let Elliott or myself know if you have any questions, and stop by the booth if you are tasting the Margaritas and Chili...
Thanks for participation,
James Wayne 331-323-0907
Elliott Joachim

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome Ricardo, Latin Specialist!

Lake Chapala Ballroom is delighted to welcome Ricardo to family or dance instructors. After just one introductory group, his students were so excited at what they had learned that he immediately added two classes to the LCB calendar, and then had to add two more! Ricardo teaches Salsa, Cumbia, and Son Cuba, which is a beautiful latin slow dance.
We've had people clamoring for afternoon classes, and now, no matter what your schedule, you can find a time to come...Tuesday and Friday at 10;30 am, OR at 4:00pm, also Tuesday and Friday.. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Lake Chapala Ballroom!

James and I are getting a Waltz routine ready for the Chili Cook Off.

Wait...The Chili Cook Off? Didn't we just dance at that?
We did, one year ago! In fact, we had a gala on New Year's Eve to celebrate Lake Chapala Ballroom's first Birthday...exactly one year ago we had our Grand Opening on New Years Day.
 What a lot of fun we've had this year!We've had Belly Dance classes, Tai Chi, Salsa, Dancefit, Jazzercise, and lessons in Swing, Waltz, Fotxtrot,  and Tango as well as an enormously popular Salsa for Fitness afternoon class. LCB students were even featured in a movie!

Life sometimes gets in the way of our goals, though. As much as we got accomplished, there's so much that I'd like to see happen to bring more dancing into our community. Some of the activities I plan to bring to the ballroom are;
1. Group Lessons in Ballroom Dancing
2. Dance "clubs" that can meet and enjoy live music around the village.
3. More fitness classes inspired by social dance rythms.
4. Dance Practice Parties for students to try out their new skills.
                                                               Sometimes, though, life gets in our way. I've had some bumps in the health road that have prevented me from being able to accurately predict when classes will be scheduled beyond 
"Coming Soon!" I'd love to get my pet project, West Coast Swing classes, started, but I just have to wait until my stamina is a little more dependable. I'm sure many  of you can empathize. They are coming soon, though, I promise.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Here are some of the local glitterati at the recent movie premiere that featured LCB dancers. I think you can pick me out (ahem)

Sad to see Leti go!

Leti, who was one of the first teachers to bring her jazzercise class to Lake Chapala Ballroom, has moved on. We wish her well in her new consulting business, and know that her jazzercise students will find plenty to keep them busy with James Dancefit Classes on Monday and Wednesday at 10:00, and Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30. He'll be keeping the 10:00 oclock class at least through September, so if you've been putting off starting your fitness program, now's the time to do it!

 James and I have both been busy outside the ballroom. We hosted and judged a dance contest at a wonderful party Friday night. One or both of us is always happy to come out and provide an activity for your party. If you're tired of the same old thing, have your friends over for a Tango Lesson, or Salsa Dance. They always enjoy themselves, believe me.

 We have space available to exercise teachers who are looking for a home for their classes in Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or other forms. As the Season gets closer Lake Chapala Ballroom will be the headquarters for all thing dance, so it's a great way to ride the wave of publicity.
 Speaking of seasons, it's almost Thriller time! Every year, I teach anyone who wants to learn the choreography for Michael Jacksons Thriller, and we all (last year we were up to 130!) dance it at the same time as other people all over the globe. It's fun and easy, and we raise money for the Red Cross. Please join us at the first rehearsal, September 13, 1:00 at Lake Chapala Ballroom!

 New private students are signing up every week, many of them single men! Soon I hope we'll have a balanced enough group of men and women for group classes that will be fun and rewarding for everybody. Look for West Coast Swing to start up first, and then Salsa /Cumbia. It may be after Thriller, so you don't have to hurry up and find a partner just yet

. I'm looking forward to seeing you all out on the dance floor! Dance Coach Elliott